SBGR Group Directors

Rob Fraser – President & CEO

Hailing from Canada, Rob Fraser brings over 30 years of construction experience to SAN BUENAS GOLF RESORT.

For the past 17 years, Rob has lived full time in the southern Pacific zone.

He is the largest custom home builder in the Saskatchewan province with a resume that includes over 90 completed homes per year and a 30-unit condominium project with full infrastructure.

Although he continues to oversee this award winning business, his focus is now on Costa Rica, where he has built numerous quality homes.

A true test of a good builder is their clients’ opinion when they are done, and we have consistently received wholehearted recommendation of his services.

Larry Breau – Marketing Director

Larry was born and raised in London, Ontario and has been involved with San Buenas Golf Resort since inception. Larry is a Civil Engineer by education and has long been a practitioner of the game and business of Golf. Larry has been deeply involved with the day to day organization and operation of Golf Courses in Canada and Germany.

Larry has also been the principal owner – designer of several large Real Estate subdivisions in Canada and the USA. SBGR is a project that will allow Larry to combine both levels of expertise in the paradise setting of Costa Rica.

Dan Lavis – Golf Course Architect

Mr. Lavis lives in the town of Ingersol, Ontario and has been in the golf course industry for over 30 years. He has designed and built and/or expanded golf courses throughout Canada.

A sample of the courses he has built and/or improved include: Kleinburg Golf Club, Kleinburg, Ontario 14-hole expansion; Shelburne Golf Club, Shelburne, Ontario; Cardinal Golf Club Orangeville, Ontario; Langbridge Golf Club Mount Pleasant, Ontario; Buck’s Crossing Hanover, Ontario.