Running an Internet business in the jungle

I heard that many times from friends back in Canada when I started to make plans to move my life and internet business to San Buenas.

I was very fortunate to be in the position of no financial or family committments to make my presence in Canada a necessity, so over a year ago, I visited San Buenas, just knew it was right for me, made the committment and bought a clubhouse condo on the spot.

It is a great comfort to me knowing that fellow Canadians own and operate San Buenas Golf Resort.

Training my clients to use the telephone and Skype was easy - all of them use remote teams all the time. I stopped teaching at Humber College and began to learn Spanish!

I was able to rent my condo in the Entertainment District, concrete jungle of Toronto very easily - and traded the concrete jungle for this lush, tropical one.

What an incredible life change for me, way less stress and a much healthier environment.

I prefer to wake up to howler monkeys, toucans and parakeets - rather than sirens, garbage and delivery trucks - can you blame me? The people, the climate, the golf, all a huge plus in my book!

I am sitting here, looking at the Pacific ocean, 260 feet above sea-level on a mountainside, surrounded by mountains with the golf course in the valley at my feet!

My condo is luxurious - solid Teak doors, solid Teak kitchen cabinets, Teak tongue & groove ceilings, pot lights, granite counter tops, porcelain tile floors, tiled bathrooms a massive walk-in shower and a walk-in closet.

I chose a condo at ground level so I can walk out the patio doors to a large terrace and private garden. Just up the hill is a huge double swimming pool.

All of the condos here face due West, so there is a guaranteed sunset over the Pacific every night of the year...

One of the many, many things that attracted me to Costa Rica was their progressive outlook. They seem to be way ahead of the "industrialized" countries when it comes to the environment, preservation and natural resources. Even the banks back home could learn something from the security measures taken here; the online aps are fantastic!

There is 3G cell phone and wifi coverage everywhere, but the speeds and the reliability were nowhere near my internet business requirements. I am a software architect, developing and maintaining a roster of client's web applications. But wait! A fiber-optic cable buried along the coastal highway!! (a great road by the way)

To make a long story short, I have connected with a young company - Sky Fiber Internet, that is a little more expensive, but I am receiving a solid signal, delivered by microwave dish right to my place. 3 Meg up and down may not sound like much, but its dedicated to me and rivals the shared high-speed Rogers systems most people are used to back in Canada.

The change to my business has been seamless.....the change to my life has been nothing short of remarkable!

I highly recommend the Southern Zone of Costa Rica and San Buenas Golf Resort to anyone looking for a tranquil lifestyle in a tropical paradise.

John ~ from Toronto