Rental Rules & By-laws

Renters not adhering to SBGR rules and by-laws will be asked to leave and deposit will be forfeited.

Quiet Hours are 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Pool Hours are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm – the pool is unsupervised, swim at your own risk.

Renters are not allowed Pets.

No Smoking in the unit or on the balcony if doors or windows are open. Tenants that vacate units that smell of smoke will forfeit deposit.

Check in 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Checkout 10:00 am. If you cannot get here by 4:00 pm, plan to stay in San Jose or elsewhere and travel the next day. Travel at night in Costa Rica, strange roads and poor lighting makes navigation difficult and dangerous.

San Buenas Golf Resort is an adult community with adult activities. While children are welcome, be advised that there are no activities on property for them.

Only 2 people per 1 bedroom Condo (4 with sleeper-sofa) - Only 4 people per 2 bedroom Condo (6 with sleeper sofa), NO EXCEPTIONS.

In addition to all other covenants contained herein, each Owner/Renter acknowledges that the use of the Property and each Unit therein is subject to the following:

  • None of the Units shall be used except for private single-family residential purposes. No part of the Property’s actual Residential Units shall ever be used or permitted to be used for any business, commercial, manufacturing, mercantile, vending, or other such non- residential purposes, except those areas which may be used for commercial purposes in Common Areas to enhance or add to the Property as models and display and sales offices in connection with the original construction and sales of the Units by Developer.
  • Except for the signs approved by the General Assembly for the benefit of the entire Property, no signs of any kind shall be displayed in the public view on or about the exterior of any Unit, with the exception of signs advertising the Unit for sale or lease. The foregoing is not applicable to signs used by the Developer or its agents in connection with the original construction and sale of the Units.
  • There shall be no storage of any item in or upon the Unit, except in an enclosed area not visible from adjoining streets, the Common Area or other Units.
  • No item of any kind may be stored by Owners/Renters in the Common Areas. Storage in the Common Areas is limited to storage by the Association of equipment for use solely in connection with the maintenance and operation of the Common Areas.
  • All rubbish, trash and garbage shall be regularly removed from the Unit by the Owners/Renters thereof, and shall not be allowed to accumulate in the Common Areas.
  • Except within enclosed patios, no fences, hedges, or walls shall be erected or maintained upon said Units or the Common Areas, except such as are installed in accordance with Property landscaping plans or as approved by the Architectural Committee.
  • Exterior clotheslines shall not be visible from adjoining streets, the Common Areas or other Units.
  • No Owner/Renter shall park his automobile or any vehicle or permit his guest, invitees, servants or members of his family to park their automobile or any other vehicle in any parking space other than the parking space or spaces assigned to such Owner or in designated “guest parking”.
  • No trailer, camper, mobile home, boat, or similar equipment shall be permitted to remain overnight upon any area within the Property unless it is not visible from adjoining streets, the Common Areas or other Units.
  • No inoperable vehicle shall be permitted to remain overnight upon any area within the Property. No maintenance, repair or overhaul of vehicles (except for emergency service) shall be permitted upon any area within the Property. No parking spaces shall be fenced off.
  • No machinery, apparatus or appliance or equipment shall be located in any Unit or in the Common Areas which will in any manner structurally overload the building or in any manner vibrate, shake or otherwise damage any portion of any building.
  • No animal or pet will be permitted in a Unit or Common Areas that disturbs the peace and tranquility of the Property or the use and enjoyment of a Unit by any other Owner as determined by the Board.
  • No explosives, inflammables, chemicals, or any other hazardous or noxious material may be stored in a Unit or which endangers the health, safety or enjoyment of the Property or produces bad odors, smoke or irritation to others as determined by the Board.
  • No loud noise from radio, television or any other source within a Unit or Common Areas will be permitted to disturb any other Owner’s use and enjoyment of his Unit and the Common Areas as determined by the Board.
  • No burning of trash or disposal of any toxic liquids in the interior or exterior of any Unit or Common Areas.
  • Owner, joint Owners, lessees, tenants, and occupants shall not perform any act or engage in any behavior that adversely affects the use and enjoyment of the Property by the other Owners in the judgment of the Board or the General Assembly.
  • The use of Common Areas for private gatherings will not be allowed unless approved by the Board of Directors, which will issue its consent in writing and may charge a fee if deemed necessary. However, such a private gathering may not interrupt the normal usage of the Common Areas used for said gathering by that of other tenants.
  • Owners/Renters or guests are not allowed to obstruct access roads, sidewalks, garages and parking lots in such a way that passage, access or permanence of persons or vehicles may be hindered.
  • There shall be no allowance to dispose of garbage or waste by means other the ones established for this purpose.
  • Owners/Renters or guests shall not be allowed to ask Property employees to provide personal services without the prior authorization of the Administrator.
  • No parking of vehicles (including golf carts) in spaces not allocated for such purpose.
  • Vehicles with more than three axles are prohibited, except when being used for construction or maintenance within the property. All vehicles on property must be in working order.
  • Temporary, or removable structures, may not be kept, placed or maintained upon any private area at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, mobile homes, RV’s, tents, house trailers, or similar facilities or structures. This shall not apply to temporary construction shelters.
  • There shall be no swimming, fishing or any other type of activity in the water features of the Property that are not designated for such.
  • All drivers of vehicles (including golf carts) shall be licensed drivers.
  • No items may be removed from any areas designated on the property as primary jungle or rainforest.
  • It is prohibited to hunt any animals anywhere in the development. Torture, captivity, extraction, commercial exploitation or damages to their habitat or to the animals themselves is prohibited. The use of sound devices or natural barriers to prevent the entrance of animals into the buildings is allowed.
  • Garbage cans/bins shall be hidden from view, except on collection days. It is also prohibited to deposit or throw garbage in rights of way, adjacent or neighboring properties, rivers, brooks, waterfalls and springs, or at any place of common enjoyment in the properties related to the easement. All garbage shall be placed in a garbage can with a secure lid or as prescribed by the Association. Collection procedures shall be established by the Administrator.
  • House rentals are permitted for residential use only and must be made for at least three full nights. If an Association member chooses to rent their house, the Association member is responsible for the renter’s actions and must ensure that all rules and regulations are followed. All non-Association members will be required to register on arrival.
  • No offensive or illegal activity shall be carried on upon any private area, nor shall anything be done or placed thereon which may become a nuisance, or cause unreasonable embarrassment, disturbance, or annoyance to other Owners/Renters in the enjoyment or their private area, or in their enjoyment of the Common Areas. The Association will have final and binding arbitration authority.
  • No firearms in Common Areas and no shooting of firearms practice in any area.
  • The lease, sub-lease or assignment of rights in a Unit does not exempt the Owner from the fulfillment of each and every obligation imposed on Owners by this Declaration.


No plant, device, animal or activity shall be allowed that is in any way noxious, dangerous, unsightly, noisy or unpleasant in nature that would diminish or destroy the enjoyment of other property owners in the neighborhood. Such prohibitions and limitations apply 24 hours a day.

Fuel/Propane Tanks:

No fuel tanks of any kind shall be erected, placed or maintained on the Units except for propane or similar, approved by the Administrator. Owners should strive to have the propane tank aesthetically blend with the home and must keep it properly maintained. Propane tanks shall be maintained in a safe manner and shall be subject to inspection by the Administrator. Any tank deemed to be unsafe shall be promptly replaced by the Owner.