SBGR Rental Application

HEY!!! – I want to experience Pure Vida at San Buenas Golf Resort.

One Bedroom deluxe luxury Condo for 2 People (max):

  • $100.00 per night (3 night minimum) (USD)
  • $600.00 per week
  • $1800.00 per month

Two bedroom deluxe luxury Condo for 4 people (max):

  • $165.00 per night (3 night minimum) (USD)
  • $990.00 per week
  • $2970.00 per month

Please complete the application below for availability and price.

By completing and submitting this application, you and the members of your party agree to abide by the SBGR rental rules and by-laws.

You will receive an email from the SBGR Reservation center requesting a deposit to be paid by PayPal or credit card. Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit.

Notes: Only 2 people per 1 bedroom Condo - Only 4 people per 2 bedroom Condo, some airbeds are available - contact us for more information. Renters not adhering to SBGR rental rules and by-laws will be asked to leave and deposit will be forfeited. No Pets. Check in 12:00 to 6:00 pm. Checkout 11:00 am. If you cannot get here by 6:00 pm, plan to stay in San Jose and travel the next day. Travel at night in Costa Rica, strange roads and poor lighting make it difficult and dangerous.

San Buenas Golf Resort is an adult community with adult activities. While children are welcome, be advised that there are no activities on property for them.